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Introducing E-Library

Introducing the YLCube Socio-Legal e-Library: Your Gateway to In-Depth Academic Exploration

Discover a comprehensive digital repository designed to empower students of law and allied areas with an unparalleled resource for socio-legal studies – the YLCube Socio-Legal e-Library. Crafted by the non-profit think-tank, the Young Leaders for Legal Literacy Foundation, this platform is dedicated to fostering academic excellence and research pursuits among students, all while offering unrestricted access to an extensive collection of socio-legal materials.

Delve into a diverse array of scholarly articles, legal documents, case studies, and in-depth analyses, meticulously curated to enrich your understanding of the intricate dynamics between society and the law. As a non-profit initiative, YLCube places education at the forefront, granting students unparalleled access to a wealth of knowledge that may be out of bounds due to reasons including but not limited to non-access of physical libraries, affordability. Students may access the e-library without any cost, and are also encouraged to contribute expanding this open access free depository by uploading the academic and juristic works of the relevant areas and sharing the pdf at (The team shall upload the works after completing due diligence, in one month) No charge of any nature shall be levied on any user of the depository at any stage of access or contribution to this e-library.

YLCube operates under the umbrella of Indian copyright law regulations, allowing for the dissemination of copyrighted content solely for educational and research purposes. According to the Indian Copyright Act of 1957, Section 52(1)(i), the reproduction of copyrighted materials is permissible for the purpose of research, criticism, review, and education. This legal framework provides the foundation for YLCube's commitment to facilitating unfettered academic exploration. To further buttress the spirit of the Copyright regulation, the readers will have free and open access to the material at all times in the e-format, but downloading the material will remain restricted to avoid any dissemination beyond the permissible limits set by the law. In case any reader requires some pages in pdf format (upto maximum 25 pages at a time), they can mail the request at, and upon consideration, the e-library team shall provide those pages to the applicant, at no cost.

Embark on your academic and research journey with the YLCube Socio-Legal e-Library, where learning knows no boundaries, and the pursuit of knowledge is unencumbered by any constraints. Join us in revolutionizing the way students engage with socio-legal studies, as we pave the way for a brighter future through uninhibited access to essential information through this open-access digital depository.